Embodying The Mission: Teaching

By Gracie Barranco

Jeffrey LaMondia, professor of civil and environmental engineering, is widely known and appreciated for his engaging and supportive teaching style, so it did not come as a shock when he was awarded the 2022 William F. Walker Teaching Award.

The award, which is the highest honor for instruction in the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering, recognizes outstanding achievement by faculty members involved in the education of Auburn Engineering students.

“I love engaging with students and seeing them excel in the classroom and beyond. There are so many ways to support students – from activities like Engineer Together Day to evening Fundamentals of Engineering Exam Review Sessions to just listening to student concerns,” LaMondia said. “I hope students recognize my enthusiasm for the department, college and especially for them.”

It is safe to say his students do recognize his enthusiasm. One student of LaMondia’s, Corrinne Arcenal, a graduate student studying transportation engineering, said “everyone agrees that one of the best things about having Dr. LaMondia as a professor is his passion and excitement. As an adviser, he sets the bar high - he’s positive and encouraging. Personally, Dr. LaMondia has taught me to be a better writer, a thoughtful researcher and, overall, a more confident engineer.”

To receive the Walker Teaching Award requires obtaining a letter of support from the department chair plus three additional letters of support, providing current curriculum, participating in intensive lecturing evaluation and more.

“The Walker Teaching Award has always been an aspirational goal of mine, so to receive it is just humbling,” LaMondia said.