Software - starccm+

Running starccm+:

  • For starccm+ you can either use GUI mode or batch mode
  • To open starccm+ in GUI mode execute the following three lines in your shell

export PATH=$PATH:/export/apps/starccm/starccm+5.04.008/star/bin
starccm+ &

or execute the script file like “./ &”

  • Make sure that is executable by “chmod 744”
  • Once you open the GUI, you can set your parameters, generate mesh/sim files
  • To execute the sim files for long time simulatation, you need to submit it in batch mode
  • To run simulation in batch mode you can download and run the following script to load environmental variable and path, you might change the source/output file name
  • You can change number of processors and number of nodes according to your need
  • We have 128 parallel licenses for starccm+, so you can not ask for more than 128, typically the number processor/licenses you’ll request should be 10-60

#! /bin/bash
#name the program
#PBS -N testing_starccm

#following 2 line ensures you'll be notified by email when the job is done
#replace <..> and write your au user id
#PBS -M <au_user_id>
#PBS -m e

#your current directory path that can be obtained by "pwd"
#PBS -d /home/au_user_id/star_test/

#asking for 4 nodes, 10 proc each, 40 proc as total for 50 hrs
#PBS -l nodes=4:ppn=10,walltime=50:00:00

#your default output/error file name
#PBS -o default_out
#PBS -e default_error

#do not change this, setting paths and license
export PATH=$PATH:/export/apps/starccm/starccm+5.04.008/star/bin

#generating mpd_nodes that contains host name and proc list
`sort $PBS_NODEFILE > mpd_nodes`

#assigning variable proc to number of processor counted from mpd_nodes
proc=`cat mpd_nodes | wc -l`

#initial timestamp
date > <yout_output_filename>
#replace <..> and write your output file name

#replace <souce....> with you source file name
starccm+ -batch -np $proc -mppflags "-prot" -machinefile mpd_nodes <source_file.sim> >> <your_output_filename>

#end timestamp
#<..> replace with your output file name
date>> <our_output_filename>

  • Create a directory using “mkdir star_test”
  • Go to that directory using “cd star_test”
  • Write a script file in vi editor similar to above or download it and place it in star_run directory
  • Make sure it is executable by “chmod 744”
  • Submit the job using “qsub ./”
  • Give a “showq” to see if your job is running
  • You can terminate the session using “exit” but your job will be running and you can check back the results after 1-2 days whenever your job is done (you’ll also be notified by email)

For details please visit the following websites:

Tutorials and user guide are located at following directory in cluster


Last Updated: Feb 09, 2011