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College of Engineering / Program / Pulp and Paper Graduate Certificate

Why this certificate?

The Pulp and Paper graduate certificate, offered through the Department of Chemical Engineering, is available to both degree and non-degree-seeking students who are interested in continuing their education, but may not be ready to commit to a master's degree program. A student who earns the certificate will demonstrate an advanced level of understanding in pulp and paper engineering which can be applied in their area of specialty.

You are eligible to apply if...

  • You hold a relevant bachelor's degree or equivalent from an accredited institution (exceptions may be approved if the student has the background needed to succeed in the graduate engineering courses).
  • There is no GRE requirement.

To complete the program you must...

  • Complete four courses (12 credit hours) in Chemical Engineering graduate (6000/7000 level) course work, including the core courses:
    • CHEN 6090/6096 Pulp and Paper Technology  3 hours
    • CHEN 6110/6116 Pulp and Paper Engineering  3 hours 
    • CHEN 6970/6976 Special Topics in Pulp and Paper Technology  3 hours
  • Complete one of the following elective courses:
    • CHEN 6800/6806 Biochemical Engineering  3 hours
    • CHEN 6410/6416 Macromolecular Science and Engineering  3 hours

What can you expect?

  • Students who complete the graduate certificate will have an increased specialized knowledge in pulp and paper science and engineering 
  • If a student chooses to pursue a master's degree, all academic credit earned from the certificate may be applied toward the graduate degree

Applying for the Pulp and Paper Graduate Certificate