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Major Degrees Offered
The Samuel Ginn College of Engineering is the largest and highest ranked engineering program in Alabama and houses eight academic departments, offering 11 majors. Check out each department and see which one fuels your interest. Remember your options and your future are limitless.
Minors are granted after completing 15-17 hours of course credit outside of your major. Minors are an effective way to couple a slightly different focus in a related field.
Beyond the Classroom

We offer numerous opportunities in and out of the classroom to make you a well-rounded, competitive engineer.

Student Organizations
Engineering Global Initiatives
Alabama Power Academic
Excellence Program
Academic Tutoring and Advising
Career Resources

Our alumni continue to thrive as industry leaders and innovators of tomorrow's world. They work for some of the industry's top corporations and government leaders around the world.

Potential employers include:

Financial Information

Incoming freshmen and transfer students accepted for admission to Auburn University must complete the scholarship application (AUSOM) to receive consideration for the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering scholarships. General engineering scholarships are not restricted according to major, but may be restricted according to state or county of residency, as well as financial need. Departmental engineering scholarships are awarded to those students who have declared that major on his or her admissions application. These scholarships are awarded in March, and students are notified via their Auburn email address if they received a scholarship award in April. More information including important dates and deadlines can be found at

Students are encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to receive financial aid. The FAFSA is available online at and should be received for consideration of financial aid, including need-based scholarships. More information on financial aid can be found at

The Samuel Ginn College of Engineering is deeply committed to providing high quality, student-centered programs and professional development experiences to our students. The assessed engineering fee will support enhancements to the learning experience of undergraduate students enrolled in engineering programs.

To learn more about AUSOM, financial aid opportunities, and engineering fees, click on the images to the right.


We believe in helping students achieve meaningful and productive careers that contribute to a global workforce. Applying to Auburn University is the first step toward making your engineering career a reality.

We invite you to visit our state-of-the-art engineering facilities and get a glimpse of our students and faculty in action.

We are committed to innovating the future, and we hope to start this journey with you!

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