MECH 5970/6970: Fundamentals of GPS Navigation
Auburn University
Spring Semester 2022

Lecture Information: MWF 15:00 - 16:15 (Lowder 34)

Course Description

  • Information on Ephemeris from the Blue Books
  • Documentation on Rinex Data Formats
  • GPS Interface Specification (Revision E, 2010)
  • GPS Interface Specification (Revision K, 2019)
  • Documentation on Ionosphere Correction Algorithm

  • Data 
  • Documentation on Data
  • Nordnav IF Data (2.75 GB)
  • m-file to read Nordnav IF data
  • Satellite Positions for HW#2
  • Static Base Receiver RVCR0 Data and Initial Solutions
  • Static Base IFEN Receiver IF Data and Instructions on Reading the IF Data (pdf)
  • First Rover Base Receiver RVCR1 Data and Initial Solutions
  • Second Rover Receiver RVCR2 Data
  • Ephemeris Ionosphere Correction Terms Mat File or Txt File
  • Gold Codes for 32 GPS Satellites (Matlab matrix where each row corresponds to the C/A Code for that SV).

  • M-Files to Help 
  • Calculate_Satellite_Positions
  • Satellite Sky Plot
  • Older Satellite Sky Plot (works with Matlab 2017 or newer)

  • Links