Materials Engineering research at Auburn University is a collective effort of faculty, students and staff. The diversity in expertise, talents and skills affords the Materials program the ability to manage over $3 million in new funding each year.

The Materials Research and Education Center (MREC) boasts one of the largest pools of externally funded research projects at Auburn University. Researchers annual oversee more than $12 million in research projects, with an average project totaling more than $490,900. In addition, Materials Engineering possesses one of the highest funding-per-faculty member ratios on campus, which is currently about $1.7 million per faculty member.

The following table summarizes the major research areas within the center, faculty involved and some of the funding sources that contribute to research in each of these areas. For a description of MREC research activities, and use the "Research Areas" links the table.

Research Area

Faculty Involved

Examples of Funding Source(s)

Processing and Fabrication of Materials

Chin, Fergus, Gale, Overfelt, Prorok NSF, NASA, DoD Agencies, Industry

Adaptive Materials

Cheng, Chin, Fergus, Gale USDA, DoD Agencies, Industry, Trade Bodies

High-Temperature Materials

Fergus, Gale, Overfelt DoD Agencies, NASA, NSF, Industry, DoE

Nanomaterials and Nanocomposites

Prorok NSF, Industry

Other Research Activities

Cheng, Chin, Fergus, Gale, Overfelt, Prorok Numerous

Summary of some currently funded MREC research projects

Information for potential research sponsors

Biographical sketches for our research faculty

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Research Centers
Affiliated Materials

Auburn University Detection and Food Safety Center

Chin (Director)
Cernosek, Fergus, Gale

Auburn University/NASA Solidification Design Center

Overfelt (Director)
Fergus, Gale, Zee

Faculty and students involved in research give regular reports of their progress through the Materials Engineering Semester Seminar Series. This seminar series also includes a wide variety of outside speakers, including occasional visits by representatives of current research sponsors.

Last Updated: Oct 24, 2012