Do you like math and science, interested in how things work, enjoy problem solving and like working with a team of people?

If so, you might be a future engineer. From defense and infrastructure to telecommunications and consumer electronics, engineers make the world a better place. An engineering degree can also open doors to careers in business, law and medicine. The options are limited by only your imagination!

The Samuel Ginn College of Engineering wants to expose high school students to the world of engineering through our summer programs.  The programs will be conducted by faculty, staff and students from the college who will ensure students receive a broad overview of the engineering profession by participating in a number of hands-on activities. 

We will be offering the following programs this summer:

  • Auburn Engineering Summer Expo (rising 9th-11th graders)
  • Senior Engineering Showcase (rising 12th graders)
  • Computing and Robotics for All (rising 7-8th graders)
  • Minority Introduction to Engineering Program (rising 9th- 12th graders)
  • Paper & Bioresource Engineering Camp (rising 12th graders)
  • Summer Experience: Computer Science, AI, and Cybersecurity (rising 9-12th graders)

Registration information for each program can be found below:

Auburn Engineering Summer Expo 
Registration is FULL
June 24th, 2024
For rising 9th - 11th graders
Fee: $75.00
This is a one-day program. During the day, students will explore the different engineering majors while participating in hands-on activities to tackle challenges for a particular theme. Sessions will be led by engineering organizations, faculty members, and current Auburn Engineering students.  If you have any questions, please email the Office of Recruitment, K-12 Outreach, and Scholarship at We hope to see you at camp!

Senior Engineering Showcase 
(Two separate dates)
Registration is FULL
Showcase #1: July 15th, 2024
Showcase #2: July 26th, 2024
For rising 12th graders 
Fee: $75
This is a one-day programTwo separate events, please only register for one.
Students will have the opportunity to feel what it's like to be an Auburn Engineering student for the day. Participants will explore different disciplines in engineering, as well as learn more about the process of becoming a future Auburn Engineering studentIf you have any questions, please email the Office of Recruitment, K-12 Outreach, and Scholarship at
For Showcase #1 (July 15th) *Registration Closed*
For Showcase #2 (July 26th) *Registration Closed*

Minority Introduction to Engineering Program (MITE): July 7th-12th, 2024 
For rising 9th- 12th graders
Registration is closed for summer 2024.

The Minority Introduction to Engineering program (MITE) is a week-long residential summer program that allows underrepresented students the opportunity to be exposed to engineering design processes that are used to solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Participants will explore and be exposed to engineering through hands-on activities led by faculty and administrators. MITE participants will learn more about careers in engineering and the overall impact that one can have in this field.

If you have any questions, please email Auburn Youth Programs at

Paper & Bioresource Engineering Camp (Pulp and Paper Camp): July 15th-17th, 2024
For rising 11th & 12th graders

Come explore the possibilities within Auburn University's engineering program, including the Paper and Bioresource Engineering Specialization. The specialization, and Pulp & Paper Scholarship, is open to students whoa re majoring in chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, biosystems engineering, and industrial & systems engineering. The pulp and paper industry is rapidly growing, creating a high demand for highly skilled professionals. Auburn's Paper and Bioresource Engineering Specialization is uniquely set up to pave  one's way into the sought-after industry. Summer Camp participants will receive first-hand expereience on what the program has to offer by participating in a variety of activities. 

Campers will learn about paper and papermaking firsthand, as well as participate in hands-on papermaking and texting experiments, tour a local paper mill, and learn about engineering at Auburn University.

If you have any questions, please email Auburn Youth Programs at

Computing and Robotics for All (CR4ALL) Camp
June 24-28, 2024 from 9:00am - 2:00pm with an hour long lunch break.
For rising 7th- 8th graders
Program: Free
Click HERE to register
Auburn University’s Samuel Ginn College of Engineering in collaboration with College of Education are offering the CR4ALL camp geared toward middle schoolers interested in computing and robotics.

CR4ALL developed by the Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science and Software Engineering Departments in collaboration with the College of Education, as part of a National Science Foundation Reserach Experiences for Teachers Award, will introduce students to computing and robotics, computational thinking concepts and applications using cutting edge computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics programming frameworks. 

For more information, contact camp coordinator Dr. Daniela Marghitu at 

Summer Experience: Computer Science, AI, and Cybersecurity
For rising 9-12th graders
Location: Auburn Research and Innovation Campus
Huntsville, AL
Fee: $250
For more information, contact camp coordinator, Clint Lovelace, at