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Catapult Engineering Academy

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Catapult Engineering Academy
is an online, college-prep high school engineering curriculum developed and taught by  Dr. Mark Conner. Conner is a mechanical engineer who has been teaching high school since 1996 and has 10 years experience teaching undergraduate engineering courses. The curriculum is designed to mirror the first two years of collegiate engineering, to prepare students for the rigor of undergraduate engineering degree programs and provide them with the knowledge, training, and tools to excel as undergraduate engineering students.

Catapult Engineering Academy's courses are engaging and challenging. Students engage in real-world, hands-on projects. They explore concepts that they will see again in college and develop a breadth of the hard and soft skills that form a strong foundation for success in college and the workplace. Catapult students become proficient in software tools, such as SolidWorks, MATLAB, and LabVIEW, that are standard in engineering education and industry. They also develop communication skills that are prized by college professors and future employers through an emphasis on both formal and informal writing and speaking.

Catapult's courses are available to students in home, private, and public schools and are well-suited for blended classroom learning and independent study. The course content is accessible to students 24/7, and each course is supported by uniquely qualified Teaching Assistants. The TAs are provided in cooperation with the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering. Each TA is an undergraduate or graduate engineering student who has completed the four-year curriculum offered through Catapult Engineering Academy. The TAs set the pacing for each course, monitor student progress, and are available to work directly with students throughout the course.

Introduction to Solid Modeling & Engineering Design provides and introduction to solid modeling using SolidWorks and an introduction to the Engineering Design Process. It is appropriate for students in grades 9-12. Engineering Computations with MATLAB & LabVIEW is an introductory computer programming course that gives students a significant head start on skills they will need in college. This course is appropriate for students in grades 10-12 who have completed or are concurrently taking Algebra II with Trigonometry. Learn more about Catapult Engineering Academy and register for courses at