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From Puerto Rico to the Plains, Yadrianna Acosta-Sojo is preventing injuries and taking names. 

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All that stuff about engineering giving you wings, helping you soar,  taking your career to new heights? The path double major Caroline Culjak took kind of gives that a whole new meaning. 

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When it comes to dialysis, chemical engineering doctoral student and Jordan-Hare Stadium play clock operator Matt Garnett definitely wants to delay the game. 

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Peter Abraham, Shelby Wales, Maggie Nelson... there's obviously a lot of Goldwaters in them there Auburn Hills. But our latest scholarship-snaggin' nugget is double-majoring overachiever extraordinaire Ayden Kemp, whose 5th-grade trip to DisneyLand inspired a unique educational journey only one engineering school could provide. 

Listen: Episode 226

Want to learn about Cotton's future impact on the environment? Listen no further, my friends. The latest episode of the award-winning #GINNing Podcast with CEE junior Celi Cotton once again draws from the well of stormwater-studying wunderkinds helping to turn Auburn into the education destination for runoff mitigation.  

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"Proudly stands our CSSE senior, banners high... " Learn how business school poster boy Zakariya Veasy is poised to revolutionize the credit game through Omnis, a pitch-perfect startup facilitating  peer-to-peer, short-term microloans.

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We believe in work — hard work. Which is why we believe in Pilcher — Shay Pilcher, the twice-diploma'd, Auburn mechanical engineering grad, current research engineer and founder and CEO of Archangel Defense, who's racing to change the world faster than the speed demons she sprang from. 

Listen: Episode 223

Ashley Gann took her 2005 Auburn aerospace engineering degree and used it to smash meteorology's glass ceiling in the state of Alabama. Learn how awesome she is on the latest episode of the award-winning #GINNing Podcast. 

Listen: Episode 222

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