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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is it too late to add a class for a semester?
    Students may add classes themselves through the first week of classes each semester. After the first week of the semester, students may no longer add classes themselves. Each department has its own policy on adding classes after the first week, so check with the offering department if you wish to add a class after the first week. Our department allows late adds through the second week of the semester with permission of the instructor and if there are seats in the class, but students may not add themselves; students must see the department advisor. After the second week of classes, we do not allow students to add unless there are highly unusual circumstances.

  • How do I find out the prerequisites for specific courses?
    Go to the AU Bulletin and look under “Courses of Instruction." The courses are roughly in alphabetical order by department and within each course listing, the prerequisites are given.

  • May I take courses from other departments other than industrial and systems engineering?
    Yes, you may take up to three courses toward your degree from other departments. They must be industrial and systems engineering related courses, but we are fairly generous with the interpretation. Check with the department’s academic advisor if you have a question about a course you are interested in.

  • How many hours do I have to be enrolled in to be considered full-time?
    Nine hours is considered full-time for a graduate student.

  • If I take an undergraduate class, does that class count in my total hours for being considered full-time?
    Yes, undergraduate classes count toward your full-time hours.

  • Do my grades in undergraduate classes count toward my graduate GPA?
    No, they do not. However, these grades will show on your AU transcript, so don’t make a bad grade in an undergraduate course!

  • I have a hold on my account from the international office/medical office/graduate school/financial office/etc. and I am not allowed to register for classes.  Can someone register me for my classes so I don’t lose out on the classes I want until I can get the holds cleared?
    No, unfortunately you must have the hold cleared by the department that placed it first. No one else can override these holds and register you for classes.