ICAMS utilizes our range of equipment to develop specialized training that focuses on industry equipment, software, machine types, or industrial practices. ICAMS offers tailored training for industry to improve performance, productivity and profitability of their equipment and operations. Our team will work with your company to understand your specific needs and create a training plan to address those needs.


To date, we have developed and delivered the following training programs:


Okuma OSP-300 Interface Training

2A USA, INC. Used ICAMS for a training on the Okuma OSP-300, which is their proprietary CNC interface. Two groups of 6 2A employees were trained on the setup, operation, and maintenance of the OSP-300 interface using the Okuma M460-VE located at ICAMS 1490 Pumphrey facility. The training consisted of two days' worth of training, which included time for hands-on interaction for each trainee on the OSP-300 system. This training allowed the employees to be able to interact and operate the Okuma machines that were being delivered to their plant immediately upon installation, rather than having to wait for Okuma provided training that would be an additional cost with the installation fees.


DMG Mori Celos Software Orientation

This course was developed for our local Schmidt manufacturers. This course focused on introducing machinists that were already experienced with 5 axis CNC equipment and with DMG Mori equipment to their latest operating system. The two-day training covered the program library, the tool library, utilization of canned cycles and the management of these libraries and systems. The training took place at our ICAMS 1490 Pumphrey Ave facility and involved a large amount of hands-on training with our DMU 50 CNC machine. This training allowed Schmidt and their employees to be ready to operate their new machines as soon as they were installed instead of waiting for more follow-on training that would come at an undetermined date.


GD&T, Manual Metrology, and CMM Orientation and Assessment

This course was developed for GE Aviation as an aptitude assessment for new hires. Our course introduces concepts from the three subject matters of GD&T, Manual Metrology, and CMM Operator Orientation. This training was held in the evenings on two separate nights, a week apart. This was designed to introduce new concepts that the employees may not have delt with before and gauge their understanding and retention of the covered material. The assessments included conducting manual metrology, operation of a Zeiss CMM, and a knowledge-based assessment of GD&T terms and applications. These assessments were provided to GE Aviation for their utilization. This program was developed in coordination with the city of Auburn’s Industrial development board and Southern Union to cover an even broader range of topics for the entire assessment process.