The development of skilled trade professionals is currently not keeping up with demand. ICAMS works to promote careers in advanced manufacturing for engineers and technical professionals. We create interest in these fields by collaborating through promotional opportunities such as Project MFG, which promotes manufacturing as a career to students through a reality based competition. ICAMS will also offer summer camps for middle school and high school students beginning the summer of 2022 to present manufacturing as a career option for upcoming generations of students.


Bird Inc.


The Bird Inc. program offers middle school students a hands-on learning approach to excite them about the many career opportunities in manufacturing. During this team-building exercise, students play roles in a fictional company that produces decoy owls in a simulated factory environment. Educational components include problem-solving, budgeting, and critical thinking.

Bird Inc. is available through a partnership between ICAMS and the City of Auburn. The outreach initiative is an exciting way to bring a STEM experience into the classroom. Program developer John Cranston is an experienced Materials and Process Engineer skilled in Materials Science, Systems Engineering, Research and Development (R&D), Aerospace, and NASA contracts.

To bring this program to your school district, email John Cranston.


Project MFG has emerged as a collaborative effort with communities, educators and industry leaders to elevate the next generation of highly skilled trade professionals.