Supported through a partnership with the City of Auburn’s Industrial Development Board and the Department of Defense Industrial Base Analysis and Sustainment Program, and the Alabama Community College System, the ICAMS facility contains a wide variety of current generation and legacy manufacturing equipment in a 20,000 square-foot space to provide a hands-on learning laboratory for ICAMS industry partners and students. ICAMS demonstrates Industry 4.0 capabilities for new and legacy equipment, manufacturing methods, and operational systems.


This Aluminum Eagle Sculpture was designed and machined as a demonstration project to showcase the different capabilities of 5-axis milling machines. The eagle process uses a Haas UMS-750ss that has a custom designed riser and Jergens ZPS work holding system that enables the machine to reach maximum stock area and secures the work piece such that the process is a single operation. The machining process demonstrates the use of 3+2 machining to rough the profile of the eagle head from each side, then it moves to simultaneous 5-axis movements to machine to exact dimensions and provide a high-quality finish. The process takes about 4.5 hours to complete in the Haas UMC-750ss and only requires about 30 minutes of stock prep time.