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This service is available to Engineering faculty and staff only. A $50 charge will be assessed to your department.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

"Remote Desktop" allows you to display and control a PC remotely but Remote Desktop has known security issues. ENS's Jeff Walker has designed a secure server to go in between your home computer and your on-campus PC. Once setup, you can easily access your office PC from any appropriately configured computer that has internet access.

I have dial-up at home, can I use this service?

Technically yes, but there is so much data going back and forth between the computers that it will be excruciatingly slow. Hence, we do not recommend using this service except on a high speed connection like Cable Modem or DSL.

With this service, can I access my AU office PC from a corporate or university network?

Yes. You will be able to access your office PC from any computer that has high speed internet access with one exception. Some corporate and university networks block Remote Desktop at their firewalls. In those cases, it will not work. This is something we have no control over.

I have a Mac at home and want to connect to my PC at work. Can I use the service?

Yes, there is a remote desktop client for the Mac. We will need to know you are using a Mac at home when you sign up.

My engineering office computer is a Mac/Linux machine. Can I use this service to connect to this office machine from off campus?

No. This service only allows access to office PCs running Windows XP.

Is this service available to my graduate assistants?

Not at this time.

Sounds great, what's the catch?

It isn't free. To cover the cost of the server and the Microsoft Terminal Server licenses, there is a one time charge of $50 per office PC that you want to access. There are no on-going charges. You can access one office PC from any number of remote PCs for this $50. However, if you have multiple PCs at work you want to access, there is a $50 charge for each.

How do I sign up?

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What then?

Jeff Walker will set up your connections on the Terminal Server and send you the necessary information on how to attach to your office PC(s).

Click here for Remote Desktop Request Form

Last Updated: Aug 02, 2013