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The Samuel Ginn College of Engineering’s Inclusion and Diversity Committee is hosting an Engineer Together Design Competition.

What is the Engineer Together Design Competition?
This is a design contest to visually represent the idea of Engineer Together as it pertains to Auburn Engineering and the greater engineering community.

Who is eligible to enter?
This contest is open to College of Engineering students. If a student outside of the College of Engineering would like to participate, they must pair with a College of Engineering student.

College of Engineering organizations are welcome to submit their design, but they must designate a contact person and indicate this design is on behalf of the organization.

An individual applicant/organization can submit up to 3 designs. A group submission does not count as an individual submission.

How are designs submitted?
Designs must be submitted through the secure application form. Only complete design applications will be accepted.

What is the winning prize?
The winning entrant’s design will be showcased on this website and be featured across College of Engineering platforms. The design will also be added to select promotional material.

First place and runner up contestants will receive cash prizes from Engineer Together corporate sponsors.

What is the full timeline from submission to announcement of the winner?

November 9: Submission link opens for students to submit their entry
January 31: Submission link will close at 5:00PM
February 2 - February 9: Committee will convene to discuss applicant designs
February 15: Winners will be announced 

What does Engineer Together mean to you?
Let us know and have your work recognized throughout the Auburn Engineering campus - enter your design November 9 - January 31!