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Engineering Academic Coaching





I'm looking for other on-campus academic support.
Where can I find other on-campus coaching?

What is Academic Coaching?

Academic coaching in the College of Engineering is one arm of the Engineering Academic Support Program (EASP). The mission of the EASP is to serve students across all engineering majors with a strong focus on assisting the pre-engineering student.

Academic Coaching sessions are designed to be a one-on-one process of helping students examine academic strengths, concerns, and perceived barriers to success. Individualized Academic Contracts/Goals are explored and developed, all designed to increase academic confidence, performance and success in the engineering major of your choice.

How Can I Meet With a Coach?

There are two avenues to Academic Coaching in the College of Engineering:

  1. Professional Referral through your Academic Advisor
  2. Student-initiated Self-Referral (follow the instructions below)
  • Click on the blue, “Make a Coaching Appointment” to the left or go to AU Access and click on Advise Assist (the owl)
  • Choose "Make Appointment" (blue button)
  • Choose Type of Appointment: "Academic Coaching & TUTORING for ENGR students"
  • Choose the Department: "Academic Coaching"
  • Choose the Reason:
    • If you have an established coach, choose: "Meet with my Assigned Academic Coach"
    • If you just have questions and/or want advice, choose: “I want to talk to an Academic Coach.”
  • Decide: Do you want a Zoom or IN PERSON meeting & write this in the comment box
  • Click “Confirm Appointment” button