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Jobs and Internships


Handshake is one of the most valuable resources you have for your job search. It is the primary tool for companies to recruit Auburn students. Get started now:

  1. Complete your profile and make it visible to employers
  2. Search job listings by function, industry, location, and more. Don't simply rely on the keyword search!
  3. Select job and company favorites. When you "favorite" a company or job, you'll receive notifications and upcoming deadlines, employers conducting a recruitment event, and more.

In order to conduct a strong search, you need to know what you're searching for.


Focus on a particular industry, position, and location. This will help you effectively market yourself to the specific employers you're interested in. Use the following tools to help you identify possible employers. Focus on no more than 10 - 15 organizations at one time.

Tools for company research
Vault Research companies by industry area or location.
CareerShift Find potential employers and access inside contact information.  Login to CareerShift from your Handshake account under Career Center >> Resources.
Informational Interviews Schedule conversations with alumni or other contacts to gain insights from professionals in your field of interest. Consider who you already know or use LinkedIn to help you identify Auburn alumni in your area of interest.
My Visa Jobs
Search H1B visa applications by location, occupation, and company name to identify American employers seeking to hire international professionals with specific skills and expertise. Access GoinGlobal from your Handshake account under Career Center >> Resources.


Job descriptions only reveal a snapshot of information about the company or organization to which you may apply. What else should you learn about prospective employers?

  • Mission and values
  • Products and services
  • Company culture
  • Awards and achievements
  • Locations
  • Job titles
  • Parent company and subsidiaries

You can research geographic areas, career fields, and employers with the following tools.

  • Company or city websites
  • Company social media sites
  • Industry news and professional association websites
  • Online tools such as Vault, CareerShift, Glass Door, GoinGlobal
  • Auburn alumni and other professionals in your desired field


Career Fairs and Networking Events
Employers send recruiters to Auburn through the year to connect with potential talent for their organization. Check the Auburn Career Events calendar on Handshake for fairs and events where you can meet employers. Make sure to practice a personal introduction of yourself to prepare.

Informational Interviewing
Informational interviewing provides a great way to connect with employers or alumni regardless of job openings or an invitation to interview for a position. It's a way to learn about a company or profession and establish contacts for the future. Set specific goals for contacts you'd like to reach out to and begin growing your professional network. These interviews can be conducted in person or by phone.


  • Do not ask for a job. Gather information and advice.
  • Prepare in advance. Research the organization. Develop pre-written questions.
  • Request a 20-30 minute window of time. Offer specific dates and times to conduct the conversation.

Phone and E-Mail
Phone and e-mail can be a good means for setting up informational interviews or initial contact with an employer or alum. You can also use phone or e-mail to follow up on applications. It is helpful to have a name to use as a referral source. If there is not a contact list in the job posting, call and ask for a name and title.


AU Job Search Guide

Tips and Resources for Special Populations: International, Veterans, LGBT+, Students with Disabilities

Federal Jobs and Services Programs



An internship is a professional learning experience that offers meaningful, practical work related to your field of study or career interest. Internships help you prototype or try on different career experiences to determine what you like and what you do not. You may be surprised to find your initial career interests are not what you expected. Or, you may find a new career path that is more exciting than you thought! Both experiences are important to finding your future career path.

For the intern

Internships offer the opportunity to explore a career interest, experience the daily operation of a company or organization, and learn new skills. Internships can be full or part-time, during the academic year or summer.

For the employer

Internships offer the opportunity to bring new ideas and energy to the workplace, develop talent, and potentially build a pipeline for future full-time employees.


Handshake Review internship listings posted by employers and alumni who want to hire Auburn Engineering students.
Career Fairs Mark your calendar for the Engineering and Technology Career Fairs, as well as other niche fairs by viewing the Events Calendar in Handshake. You'll find a list of employers who will be attending each upcoming fair.
Company Information Sessions Companies often recruit at Auburn by conducting information sessions and other events to meet students and help them learn more about their company. Review the Events Calendar in Handshake regularly to keep track of upcoming information sessions.
CareerShift A complete database of employers and jobs/internships for students and recent graduates. Access CareerShift through your Handshake account under Career Center >> Resources.
Vault Explore internship programs based on a specific company search, a broad industry area, virtual opportunities, or view Vault's internship ranking categories. You'll find an overview of internship programs, reviews by former interns, and information on how to apply.
USA JOBS Provides opportunities to work in agencies and explore federal careers. Students who successfully complete the program may be eligible for conversion to a permanent job in the civil service.
Public Career Web Resources LinkedIn
International Opportunities
Engineering Global Programs Explore academic and service opportunities through exchange programs, faculty-led programs, and Engineers Without Borders.
Auburn Abroad Explore opportunities to gain experience abroad through Auburn faculty-led and exchange programs as well as faculty-supervised internships.
GoinGlobal Provides country guides and a database of internships and jobs. Keep in mind visa and work regulations vary by country and you may not be eligible to work in most countries without obtaining governmental authorization.
Access GoinGlobal through your Handshake account under Career Center >> Resources.