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Employer Engagement Opportunities


In order to provide Auburn students with a healthy and safe environment while on campus, most Spring 2021 recruiting will occur virtually. Interviews and small Information Sessions will be available in-person following University COVID-10 protocols. For ways to engage and connect with engineering students, please see the event description options below and complete the Request Form.

Virtual Employer-in-Residence  I Designed for 20-minute (times adjustable) one-on-one sessions with students regarding professional development topics such as Resume Reviews, Mock Interviews, Elevator Pitch Practice, Networking Tips. 2 - 4 hours are recommended for this event.

Virtual Student Organization Meeting I  Present to one or more engineering student organizations.

Virtual Job Shadowing I  Designed to educate a limited number of students on a specific engineering role within your company. One hour is the recommended timeframe for Job Shadowing.

In-Person Information Sessions I  Speak with students to promote brand awareness, job or internship opportunities, or any topic of interest. Limited number of student allowed to attend based on University COVID-19 guidelines.

After you complete the form, you will receive a confirmation email. We will work with you to plan the details of your event and arrange next steps.

If you are recruiting for specific job or internship opportunities, please post them to the Handshake job platform prior to your virtual meeting. If you need any assistance, please contact our Corporate Relations Coordinator.

For best results, we suggest all recruitment events take place Monday-Thursday. We can accommodate other requests on a case-by-case basis, but please note the success of your event may be affected. Several specific dates will be unavailable due to holidays and/or Career Fairs. Please see the unavailable dates below.


Spring 2021 Events Calendar
Date Event Recruiter Registration Unavailable for Meeting Requests
January 11 Classes Begin X
January 18 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day X
January 19 Recruitment Visits Begin
January 26 Employer Career Fair Plus Q&A
February 10
*Registration Deadline: January 27
Engineering and Technology Career Fair Registration X
February 11
*Registration Deadline:
January 27
Engineering and Technology Career Fair Registration X
February 12
*Registration Deadline: January 27
Engineering and Technology Career Fair Interviews X
February 16 Student Wellness Day X
March 2
*Registration Deadline: February 9
ASCE and ASABE Career Fair Registration X
March 4 Co-op Interview Day Registration X
March 10 Student Wellness Day X
April 1 Student Wellness Day X
April 15 Recruitment Visits End
April 20-21 SignENG Days X
April 22 Classes End X
April 23 - 25 Study / Reading Days X
April 26-30 Final Exams X
May 1 - 3 Commencements X