Bioprocess Engineering

Brendan T. Higgins, PhD

Brendan Higgins is an assistant professor in Biosystems Engineering. He grew up in Davis, CA where he gained an appreciation for environmental protection and sustainability. Brendan received his bachelors in civil engineering at Northwestern University and he attended graduate school at UC Davis where he received his masters degree in Transportation Technology & Policy and his PhD in Biological Systems Engineering. He studies biological processes that incorporate algae and bacteria for waste remediation, water quality, biofuels, and high-value nutraceuticals.

Higgins Lab 2019

Lab photo 2019. From left to right: Kristin Chaump, Haixin Peng, Rohit Kalvakaalva, Elizabeth Bankston, Nathan Wall, Qichen Wang, Bryan Holmes, Brendan Higgins, Justin Box

Last Updated: May 04, 2019