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College of Engineering / Alabama Transportation Assistance Program / STEP-UC


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The STEP-UC (Safe Transportation for Every Pedestrian for Underserved Communities) initiative, has developed a model to engage historically underserved communities and empower them to advocate for their pedestrian facility needs, ultimately resulting in improved infrastructure and pedestrian safety. This model is anchored around a community workaround in which the community, aided by a team of experts in pedestrian and traffic safety and community engagement, walks and identifies the condition of their pedestrian infrastructure. This effort is led by the Alabama Transportation Assistance Program at Auburn University, and the Fifty Fund, a local nonprofit focused on making communities safer. The STEP-UC team also included participation from ALDOT and FHWA. This initiative was developed and refined in Troy using the innovative streetbeating approach to community engagement led by The Fifty Fund. This effort resulted in several documents, included on this page, for other communities to use.