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NASA's Student Launch is an annual design-build-launch rocket competition between students from various colleges and universities all across the nation. The 8-month project culiminates to the flight of various payloads aboard a custom-built vehicle to an altitude of 5,280 feet above ground level (AGL). Teams undergo a competitive proposal selection process, and if accepted, are required to produce reports detailing their design process, experimental testing results, and ultimately the successful launch of a subscale and full scale rocket. All milestones must be accomplished fully before a team can receive NASA's approval for participation in the competition launch day.

Throughout the designing and building process, student competitors gain significant hands-on experience, not only in launch vehicle design, but with NASA technical standards, documentation, budget, and briefings, all of which are invaluable to a career in the aerospace industry. Simultaneously, NASA is able to acquire a fresh perspective with innovative ideas and research from each team, which is imperative for America's endeavors in deep space missions. Whether in future careers at NASA, or through involvement in the inventive competition, participants of USLI are likely to see some of their own work in future deep space missions and the Space Launch System.

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