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Space Club is an umbrella organization that encompasses all the clubs on campus funded by the Alabama Space Grant Consortium and focused on space-related competition projects and research. Clubs within Space Club include the NASA Robotic Mining Competition Team, USLI/Student Launch, the NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge Team, the CANSAT team, and Club Europa. Regardless of your level of experience or major you will find a place in the organization building robots, rockets, rovers, satellites, or doing Space-related research! Within Space Club is a diverse group of dedicated students focused on learning through experience, practicing intentional innovation, and developing year-over-year design improvement. Founded in 2014, the club brings together a group of students from a variety of academic disciplines under one umbrella of design and manufacturing excellence. Designing and creating our various projects allows students the opportunity to see our education in action in a way that many do not see inside the classroom. War Eagle!

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Each organization meets at a different time and location. If you are interested in joining a team, email the club president, Jeremy Frasher, at and you will be directed to the team meetings.

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