Center for Polymer and
Advanced Composites


The Polymer and Advanced Composite center looks to join industry and university researchers to generate, facilitate and exchange fundamental and applied knowledge on topics of high relevance to further the advancement of the international, national and regional polymer and composites industries.  

Industry and academic leaders alike will gain several benefits by partnering with the center including:

  • Discovery and innovation through interdisciplinary and collaborative research
  • Long-term university and industry partnerships will be strengthened by academic research focused on areas of high relevance for the partner companies.
  • Combined state-of-the-art capabilities and knowledge will advance projects of mutual interest. Research projects will be tuned to industry needs and industry will be exposed to the latest research in academia. 
  • The center will foster a community for international, national and regional networking and collaborations.
  • A state of the art center for research in polymers and advanced composites will extend the range and quality of engineering academic programs.
  • Research experience will promote students’ career opportunities.

In addition, the center provides an educational background for graduate and undergraduate engineering students who want to advance their knowledge and experience in advanced polymer and composite material technologies that are important to industry partners. By joining with the Advanced Composite Center, the reputations of industry and academic officials and Auburn University will be further strengthened.  

Last Updated: Aug 29, 2017

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