The Auburn University Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) offers three graduate degrees for students interested in Occupational Safety / Ergonomics and Occupational Injury Prevention.


  • Safety and Ergonomics core (12 hours)
  • ISE departmental core (9 hours)
  • Research And Thesis (4 hours, MS only)
  • Research And Dissertation (12 hours)
  • Interdisciplinary Forum & Practicum
  • Seminar (1 hour)
  • PhD students with an OS&E focus must also complete advanced courses in safety (INSY 8010), ergonomics (INSY 8060), and research methods (INSY 8970) PhD students with an OIP focus will take advanced courses in epidemiology and public health as prescribed by their graduate committee.

    For each degree option, some courses may be exempted depending on the students background and experience. However, the major professor works with the student to develop an individualized plan of study that will support the student's career aspirations.

    Students who receive financial support from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) under the current grant are also required to register for at least two semesters of OSE/IP Forum (INSY 7190-7490) in order to provide for interdisciplinary seminars, field projects and clinical rotations.

    All courses are available on campus and online through the graduate outreach program

    Note: Online courses will end with a (6), eg. Ergo I 7066

    Please contact Dr. Richard Sesek for additional information either by Email or Phone: (334) 844-1552

    Graduate Certificate

    Students who graduate from any of these program have the option to earn a graduate certificate in Occupational Safety and Ergonomics in addition to their degree. Students not enrolled in OSE/OIP are eligible to receive this certificate, as well.

  • Ergo I and II (INSY 7060 and INSY 7070)
  • Safety I and II (INSY 6010 and INSY 7020)
  • Human Factors (INSY 7080) or Industrial Hygiene (INSY 7050)
  • Total of 15 hours, all available through outreach
  • For further questions, please see the Graduate Certificate FAQ