Professor Training Course

Professor training course group photo outside NCAT main facility

NCAT has developed an educational program for college and university civil engineering faculty that provides clear and up to date lecture and laboratory material for the asphalt portion of an undergraduate civil engineering materials course.

Registration Information

Online registration will be available in early 2019. To be added to the notification list, contact Stacie Hunter.

Goals and Objectives

This program is designed to help increase the pool of qualified civil engineers and technologists knowledgeable in asphalt technology by providing faculty with appropriate educational material.

Program Content

This is a five-day course that takes place from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm each day. Intensive lectures, laboratory exercises, and discussions to understand all basic phases of asphalt technology for undergraduate instruction are covered. Topics include:

Asphalt Binder

  • - grades of asphalt
  • - Superpave binder tests and specifications


  • - aggregate characteristics
  • - quarrying operations
  • - processing and blending aggregates for asphalt mixtures

Other Materials

  • - reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP)
  • - recycled asphalt shingles (RAS)
  • - warm mix asphalt technologies (WMA)

Asphalt Mixtures

  • - desirable mixture properties
  • - types of mixes
  • - philosophy of mix design
  • - mix design methods


  • - asphalt mixture facility operations
  • - equipment for production and placement
  • - laydown methods
  • - compaction methods
  • - quality control/quality assurance

Pavement Design

  • - pavement structure design

Laboratory exercises include asphalt binder characterization tests, aggregate characterization tests, and asphalt mixture design and analysis.

Course Materials

Each participant is provided a copy of the NCAT textbook and other supporting documents. The participant will leave the course with lecture, homework, laboratory, and exam materials needed to teach asphalt technology to undergraduates.


There is no fee for the course or associated materials for any applicants living in the U.S. In addition, eligible faculty participants will receive a stipend to cover some housing, food, and transportation costs. To be eligible for the stipend, applicants must be living and working in the U.S. as a professor or instructor at a university, college or trade school. Recipients must attend the entire course in order to receive the stipend. Instructors from colleges outside the U.S. will also be considered for attendance for a $2500 fee and will not be eligible for the stipend. Endorsements from department heads and state asphalt association or state bituminous engineer are required.

Continuing Education

The course will provide 4.0 continuing education units or 40 professional development hours.


This course is conducted at NCAT's research facility in Auburn, Alabama. Hotel accommodations are nearby; however, there is no public transportation in our area.


The staff at NCAT are the primary instructors.

To learn more, contact Stacie Hunter.