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NCAT test sections on Lee County Road 159

Pave the way to a career with amazing possibilities. With more than two million miles of roads in the United States, pavement engineering is a high-demand field.


Employers from transportation agencies, academic institutions, consulting engineers, construction firms, and materials suppliers know that a graduate degree from Auburn University’s highly acclaimed pavement engineering program is a sign of excellence.

World-Class Facilities

No other graduate program in pavement engineering can match Auburn's research facilities and equipment. Our NCAT Test Track is the only high-speed, full-scale accelerated testing facility in the world. NCAT is also equipped with modern testing systems to characterize a full range of pavement materials properties.


Auburn's pavement research is focused on making transportation networks sustainable and our graduates leave ready to make a difference. Putting your knowledge to work can make a positive impact locally, regionally, and globally. Research studies include increasing the use of recycled materials, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and extending the life of pavements to minimize reconstruction work.

Financial Assistance

Qualified graduate students can earn research assistantships and full tuition waivers. Students may also be eligible for a number of scholarships and fellowships.

Graduate Courses

Degree options include a non-thesis Master's of Civil Engineering, a Master's of Science in Civil Engineering, or Ph.D. Many relevant courses are available online. Courses in materials and pavements include:
- Pavement Design
- Design and Control of Asphalt Mixtures
- Advanced Pavement Design
- Advanced Concrete Materials
- Pavement Construction
- Pavement Management and Rehabilitation
- Advanced Asphalt Materials Testing


To discuss degree programs and learn about specific opportunities for study and research, please contact:
Benjamin F. Bowers, Asst. Professor, Department of Civil Engineering or David Timm, Brasfield and Gorrie Professor of Civil Engineering.

Apply Today

Requirements for admission and application instructions are online at Request admission to the Materials/Pavements program in Civil Engineering.

Auburn University is an equal opportunity educational institution/employer.