Pavements and Materials Engineering Graduate Certificate

Graduation ceremony

Why this certificate?

The Pavements and Materials Engineering graduate certificate (pending approval), offered through the Department of Civil Engineering, is available to both degree and non-degree-seeking students who are interested in continuing their education but may not be ready to commit to a master's degree program. A student who earns the certificate will have advanced knowledge and experience in asphalt materials, pavement evaluation, design, and construction.

You are eligible to apply if...

You hold a bachelor's degree in civil engineering (or equivalent) from an institution of recognized standing (exceptions may be approved if the student has the background needed to succeed in the graduate engineering courses). You must have a GPA of 3.0/4.0 or higher for the last 60 semester hours in a BS program (students who do not meet the GPA criterion may still be eligible to enroll if they have significant experience outside of the classroom).

To complete the program you must...

Select one of the following specific areas:

  • - Pavement Design: CIVL 6816, CIVL 7826, CIVL 7866
  • - Pavement Management: CIVL 7846, CIVL 7976, CIVL 7866
  • - Pavement Materials: CIVL 6826, CIVL 7876, CIVL 7976
  • - General: Pick any three from CIVL 6816 Pavement Design, CIVL 6826 Design and Production of Asphalt Paving Mixtures*, CIVL 7826 Advanced Pavement Design and Rehabilitation, CIVL 7846 Pavement Management and Rehabilitation, CIVL 7866 Pavement Construction, CIVL 7876 Advanced Characterization of Pavement Materials*, CIVL 7976 Infrastructure Sustainability

What can you expect?

After completion of this certificate program students will possess:

  • - Applied expertise specific to the individual student’s professional goals and desired career outcomes in the areas of asphalt materials, pavement evaluation, design, construction, and analysis.
  • - Skills to interpret and assess information presented in scientific literature related to pavements and materials.
  • - Practical experience in the communication of scientific and technical concepts in written format.

If a student chooses to pursue a master's degree, all academic credit earned from the certificate may be applied toward the graduate degree.

To apply...

Fill out the online graduate application at (you will be required to create an account)

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