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President Leath visits Huntsville industry, NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center; discusses additive manufacturing efforts

11 JAN 2018

Auburn University President Steven Leath visited Huntsville on Tuesday to speak to its engineering community and see first-hand Auburn's extensive involvement at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center.

Jonathan Pegues wins an award at ASTM 2017

16 NOV 2017

Jonathan Pegues won the first runner-up award at ASTM E04 symposium held at Atlanta, Georgia.

Tour at General Electric Aviation's AM Facility

09 OCT 2017

ASTM, Auburn and NASA representatives also made a tour of General Electric Aviation's additive manufacturing facility on National Manufacturing Day.

ASTM International staff at AU

09 OCT 2017

ASTM International staff visited Auburn University and FAME laboratory on National Manufacturing Day last Friday to discuss Advanced Manufacturing partnership opportunities.

Dr. Shamsaei co-organizing 2018 TMS Symposium on fatigue of additive manufactured parts

26 SEP 2017

Dr. Shamsaei will be co-organizing a Symposium on “Additive Manufacturing of Metals: Fatigue and Fracture” at the upcoming TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition in Phoenix, Arizona (March of 2018).

FAME Lab receives STTR grant in metals additive manufacturing

13 SEP 2017

The FAME Lab continues to work with TDA Inc. to solve some of the most complex problems encountered in metals additive manufacturing.

Dr. Shamsaei co-organizing, Dr. Thompson speaking at, ASTM/NIST additive manufacturing symposium in Atlanta

22 JUN 2017

For the second time, Dr. Shamsaei is co-organizing the ASTM/NIST Symposium on Fatigue and Fracture of Additive Manufactured Materials and Components, which will be held in November in Atlanta, Georgia.

Drs. Thompson and Shamsaei organizing ASME Symposium on Additive manufacturing

14 JUN 2017

Drs. Thompson and Shamsaei will be organizing the Annual Congress-Wide Symposia on Additive Manufacturing at the American Society of Mechanical Engineer’s (ASME) International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE).

FAME Lab receive NASA grant for research into additive manufactured Inconel 718 

18 APR 2017

Inconel 718 is a nickel-based superalloy, and NASA wants to use it for additively manufacturing future space hardware.

Senator Tom Whatley visits the FAME Lab in Auburn

15 APR 2017

Senator Whatley stopped by the FAME Lab and the video of his visit can be found here.

Shamsaei to co-organize upcoming MS&T Symposium on fatigue of additive manufactured parts

04 FEB 2017

Dr. Shamsaei will be co-organizing a Symposium on “Additive Manufacturing of Metals: Fatigue and Fracture” at the Materials Science & Technology (MS&T) Technical Meeting and Exhibition in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in October 2017.

FAME Lab receives grant from the Naval Air Systems Command

11 JAN 2017

Dr. Nima Shamsaei has received a grant from the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) to investigate the effects of process and design parameters on structural integrity of additively-manufactured 17-4 PH stainless steel.

FAME Lab graduate students compete at ASTM International workshop in Florida

15 NOV 2016

Graduate students advised by Dr. Shamsaei and Dr. Simsiriwong from Auburn's FAME Lab traveled to Florida to present their additive manufacturing research at the Annual ASTM Workshop on Fatigue & Fracture.

FAME Lab partners with AlphaStar Corporation for 2 U.S. Navy projects

18 OCT 2016

AlphaStar Corporation, a California-based company, has partnered with Drs. Shamsaei and Thompson of the FAME Lab for completing 2 U.S. Navy projects through the Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program.

Additive manufacturing NSF grant awarded to FAME Lab

17 OCT 2016

Drs. Shamsaei and Thompson are now leading a NSF-sponsored research grant focused on the additive manufacturing of fatigue-resistant metals.

NSF EAGER awarded to FAME Lab

10 OCT 2016

The FAME Lab has received funding from the National Science Foundation's Division of Electrical, Communications & Cyber Systems. 

FAME Lab receives STTR grant to better optimize additively manufactured metallic parts

02 OCT 2016

Drs. Shamsaei and Thompson, along with Technical Data Analysis (TDA) Inc. – a Virginia-based software/engineering company – have been awarded a grant from the U.S. Navy through the Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program.

Leading the way at the NIST/ASTM Workshop on Fatigue and Fracture in Additively Manufactured Materials

15 MAY 2016

Dr. Shamsaei, along with key persons from ASTM International and the National Institute of Standards and Technology, helped organize a joint workshop centered on important fatigue issues surrounding additive manufactured parts.