Mechanical Engineering Program Faculty

Jeff Suhling
Department Chair
Jeff Suhling

Since its beginnings, the Department of Mechanical Engineering has attracted exceptional faculty to teach our students and advance the discipline. That great tradition continues today as is evidenced by our ever-increasing list of faculty patents and inventions, membership in academic academies and in peer recognition.

Our faculty are supported by a dedicated and hardworking staff committed to making your educational experience or professional interaction smooth and productive.


Last Updated: Sep 28, 2017

Ali Abdel-Hadi Ali Abdel-Hadi

Office: 3436 Wiggins Hall
Phone: (334) 844-3308
Ali Abdel-Hadi E-mail

Solid Mechanics Granular Mechanics Constitutive Equations Granular Flow Rheology Consolidation Shear Testers

Sabit Adanur Sabit Adanur

Office: 2448 Wiggins Hall
Phone: (334) 844-5497
Sabit Adanur E-mail
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Fiber Yarn Fabric Nonwovens Weaving Knitting Braiding Tufting Composites Polymer Processing Nanotechnology Safety and Protective Materials Paper Machine Clothing Computer Aided Design Textile Testing and Analysis Textile Machinery

Anahita Ayasoufi Anahita Ayasoufi

Office: 3430 Wiggins Hall
Phone: (334) 844-4947
Anahita Ayasoufi E-mail

Numerical Simulation CFD Helical Static Mixers Solid-Liquid Phase Change Magnetic Properties of Carbon Nanotubes Engineering Education

David Beale David Beale

Office: 3418C Wiggins Hall
Phone: (334) 844-3336
David Beale E-mail

Multibody Dynamics Simulation Composite Structures Shape Memory Alloys Design Innovations

David Bevly David Bevly
Bill and Lana McNair Professor

Office: 2418F Wiggins Hall
Phone: (334) 844-3446
David Bevly E-mail
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Vehicle Dynamics, Navigation, & Control Sensor Fusion for Navigation & Control On-line State and Parameter Estimation

Sushil Bhavnani Sushil Bhavnani
Henry M. Burt, Jr. Professor
Associate Department Chair

Office: 1418C Wiggins Hall
Phone: (334) 844-3303
Sushil Bhavnani E-mail
Sushil Bhavnani Resume
Thermal Management of Datacenters Phase-Change Cooling Heat Transfer Enhancement Jet Impingement Pool Boiling on Micro-Structured Surface Convective Boiling Spacecraft Thermal Management Condensate Mobility Renewable Energy Heat Transfer in Microchannels

Thomas Burch Thomas Burch

Office: 2418H Wiggins Hall
Phone: (334) 844-3304
Thomas Burch E-mail

Energy Utilization Steam Boilers Chillers HVAC Cooling Towers Boiler Safety

Howard Chen Howard Chen
Assistant Research Professor

Office: 2530 Woltosz Engineering Research Laboratory
Howard Chen Resume
Robotics Inertial Navigation Ergonomics Human Factors Biomechanics Human Motion Analysis Wearable Technologies

Song-yul Choe Song-yul Choe

Office: 2418C Wiggins Hall
Phone: (334) 844-3328
Song-yul Choe E-mail
Song-yul Choe Website

Modeling/Control of Power Sources Piezoelectric Devices High Powered Connectors Solenoid Values Tires PEM Fuel Cells Batteries Electric Motors

Lorenzo Cremaschi Lorenzo Cremaschi
Associate Professor

Office: 2446 Wiggins Hall
Phone: (334) 844-3302
Lorenzo Cremaschi E-mail
Lorenzo Cremaschi Website
Lorenzo Cremaschi Resume
Miniature-Scale Refrigeration Oil Retention Frosting/Icing Boiling/Condensation Nanolubricant Microchannel Air Conditioning Heat Exchangers Low GWP Refrigerants Energy Efficiency

David Dyer David Dyer

Office: 1432 Wiggins Hall
Phone: (334) 844-3305
David Dyer E-mail

Thermodynamics Energy Conservation Mechanical Equipment Mechanical Design/Safety Water Supply

George Flowers George Flowers
Dean of Graduate School

Office: 3428 Wiggins Hall
Phone: (334) 844-4375
George Flowers E-mail

Dynamics of Rotating Machinery Vibration Analysis of Electronic Systems

Daniel Harris Daniel Harris
Associate Professor

Office: 2418B Wiggins Hall
Phone: (334) 844-3337
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Thermal Management Electronics Cooling Heat Pipes Thermal Interface Materials Liquid Metals Heat Transfer Thermodynamics Satellite Thermal Design Cube-Sats Lunar Environments

Mark Hoffman Mark Hoffman
Assistant Professor

Office: 1448 Wiggins Hall
Phone: (334) 844-3360
Mark Hoffman E-mail

Internal Combustion Engines Low Temperature Combustion Alternative Fuels Heat Transfer Thermal Barrier Coatings Gasoline Particulate Filters Three-Way Catalysts Waste Heat Recovery Alternative Powertrains Vehicle Systems

Robert Jackson Robert Jackson

Office: 3418E Wiggins Hall
Phone: (334) 844-3340
Robert Jackson E-mail
Robert Jackson Website
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Wear Surface Fatigue Surface Engineering Tribology Friction Bearings Lubrication Nanoparticles Surface Roughness Biotribology

Peter Jones Peter Jones
Woltosz War Eagle Motor Sports Professor

Office: 3418G Wiggins Hall
Phone: (334) 844-3368
Peter Jones E-mail
Peter Jones Website

Design Methodology Propulsion System Design Off-Road Vehicle Dynamics Radiation & Combined Mode Heat Transfer Radiative Materials Properties

Jay Khodadadi Jay Khodadadi
Alumni Professor

Office: 2418E Wiggins Hall
Phone: (334) 844-3333
Jay Khodadadi E-mail

Phase Change Solidification Mathematical Modeling Porous Media Experimental Fluid Dynamics Microfluidics Energy Storage Computational Fluid Dynamics Heat Transfer & Fluid Mechanics Materials Processing

Roy Knight Roy Knight
Associate Professor

Office: 3418B Wiggins Hall
Phone: (334) 844-3300
Roy Knight E-mail
Roy Knight Resume
Thermal Management of Electronics Electronics Cooling Heat Transfer Modeling Heat Sink Optimization Computational Fluid Dynamics Compact Refrigeration Systems Heat Transfer Enhancement Phase Change Cooling of Electronics

Sridhar Lakshmanan Sridhar Lakshmanan
Visiting Assistant Professor

Office: 1418 Wiggins Hall
Phone: (334) 844-4820
Sridhar Lakshmanan E-mail

Pradeep Lall Pradeep Lall
John and Anne MacFarlane Professor
Director, National Science Foundation Center for Advanced Vehicle and Extreme Environment Electronics

Office: 1438 Wiggins Hall
Phone: (334) 844-3424
Pradeep Lall E-mail
Pradeep Lall Website

Flexible Hybrid Electronics Harsh Environment Electronics Additive Printed Electronics Light Emitting Diodes MEMS Prognostics Health Management Semiconductor Packaging Shock and Vibration Solder Joint Reliability Wirebonding

Daniel Mackowski Daniel Mackowski
Professor Emeritus

Office: 3418H Wiggins Hall
Phone: (334) 844-3334
Daniel Mackowski E-mail
Daniel Mackowski Website

Particle Scattering Radiative Transfer Electromagnetic Theory Remote Sensing Aerosol Dynamics Heat Transfer

Dan Marghitu Dan Marghitu

Office: 2418G Wiggins Hall
Phone: (334) 844-3335
Dan Marghitu E-mail
Dan Marghitu Website

Mechanical Impact Dynamics Mechanisms Robots Vibrations Animal and Human Locomotion Nonlinear Dynamics

Scott Martin Scott Martin
Assistant Research Professor

Office: 2528 Woltosz Engineering Research Laboratory
Phone: (334) 844-4928
Scott Martin E-mail

GPS Software Receiver Design Real Time Kinematic Positioning Sensor Fusion for Navigation Navigation and Control of Unmanned Sys

A. Mishra A. Mishra
Visiting Professor

Office: 1454 Wiggins Hall
Phone: (334) 844-3415
A. Mishra E-mail

Mechanical Design Plasticity Solid Mechanics

Lewis Payton Lewis Payton
Associate Research Professor
Director of Design and Manufacturing Lab

Office: 2428 Wiggins Hall
Phone: (334) 844-3422
Lewis Payton E-mail

Additive Manufacturing of Metals Advanced Manufacturing Methods Friction Stir Welding Orthogonal Metal Cutting Occupational Safety and Health Nuclear Power Technology Systems Engineering Education Computer Numerical Controls Advanced Joining Methods Manufacturing Simulation

Edmon Perkins Edmon Perkins
Assistant Professor

Office: 3446 Wiggins Hall
Phone: (334) 844-8081
Edmon Perkins E-mail
Edmon Perkins Website
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Nonlinear Dynamics Vibrations Stochastic Dynamics Mathematical Modeling Computational Dynamics Experimental Methods Design Engineering Pedagogy

Joseph Ragan Joseph Ragan

Office: 2450 Wiggins Hall
Phone: (334) 844-4943
Joseph Ragan E-mail

Reverse Osmosis Desalination Computer Simulation of Physical Systems

Jordan Roberts Jordan Roberts

Office: 2452 Wiggins Hall
Phone: (334) 844-4910
Jordan Roberts E-mail

Additive Manufacturing Stress and Strain Analysis Experimental Mechanics Finite Element Analysis Electronic Packaging Electronics Reliability Silicon Sensors Test Chips Solder Material Behavior and Aging Underfill Material Behavior

Chad Rose Chad Rose
Assistant Professor

Office: 2418D Wiggins Hall
Phone: (334) 844-3325
Chad Rose E-mail
Chad Rose Resume

Kyle Schulze Kyle Schulze
Assistant Professor

Office: 3452 Wiggins Hall
Phone: (334) 844-3452
Kyle Schulze E-mail

Soft Matter 3D Printing Biomaterials Surface Mechanics Implant-Tissue Interactions Solid Lubricants Multibody Dynamics Simulation Composite Structures Shape Memory Alloys Design Innovations

Nima Shamsaei Nima Shamsaei
Philpott-WestPoint Stevens Distinguished Associate Professor
Director, National Center for Additive Manufacturing Excellence

Office: 3448 Wiggins Hall
Phone: (334) 844-4839
Nima Shamsaei E-mail
Nima Shamsaei Website

Additive Manufacturing (AM) 3D Printing Fatigue & Fracture Failure Analysis Mechanical Behavior of Materials Microstructure-Property Relationships Laser Materials Processing Experimental Mechanics Durability and Reliability Mechanical Design

Shuai Shao Shuai Shao
Associate Professor

Office: 1454 Wiggins Hall
Phone: (334) 844-4867
Shuai Shao E-mail
Shuai Shao Website

Additive Manufacturing Materials Science Computational Materials Science Solid interfaces Multiscale modeling

Jeffrey Suhling Jeffrey Suhling
Quina Professor
Department Chair

Office: 1418G Wiggins Hall
Phone: (334) 844-3332
Jeffrey Suhling E-mail
Jeffrey Suhling Website

Experimental Mechanics Solid Mechanics Advanced and Composite Materials Finite Element Analysis Computational Mechanics Continuum Modeling Electronic Packaging Silicon Sensors Solder Joint Reliability Mechanics of Paper

Mrinal Thakur Mrinal Thakur

Office: 3418D Wiggins Hall
Phone: (334) 844-3326
Mrinal Thakur E-mail
Mrinal Thakur Website

Organic Single-Crystal Films Nonlinear Optics Electro-Optics and Frequency Conversion Nonconjugated Conductive Polymers Femtosecond Time-Resolved Measurements Fluorescence of Excited States Photovoltaics Sub-nanometer Metallic Quantum Dots

Scott Thompson Scott Thompson
Associate Professor

Office: 1454 Wiggins Hall
Phone: (334) 844-4867
Scott Thompson E-mail
Scott Thompson Website

Additive Manufacturing 3D Printing Heat Transfer Phase Change CFD Laser Materials Processing Process Monitoring Heat Exchangers Thermal Management Energy Harvesting

Hareesh Tippur Hareesh Tippur
McWane Chair Professor
Associate Chair, Graduate Studies

Office: 1446 Wiggins Hall
Phone: (334) 844-3327
Hareesh Tippur E-mail
Hareesh Tippur Website
Hareesh Tippur Resume
Fracture & Failure High-Strain Rate Behavior Experimental Mechanics Computational Modeling Mechanics of Materials Solid Mechanics Shock and Impact Optical Metrology Advanced Materials Composite Materials

Nicholas Tsolas Nicholas Tsolas
Assistant Professor

Office: 3450 Wiggins Hall
Phone: (334) 844-5496
Nicholas Tsolas E-mail

In-situ Process Monitoring Thermal Modeling of AM Processes AM Design for Combustion Nuclear & Thermal Systems Low-Temperature Kinetics Mechanism Development Chemical Kinetics IC Engines and Propulsion Systems Experimental Methodologies Plasma-Assisted Combustion

Richard Williams Richard Williams
Senior Lecturer
Director, Nuclear Power Generation Systems program

Office: 2436 Wiggins Hall
Phone: (334) 844-3316
Richard Williams E-mail

Thermal Design Heat Exchangers Heat Pipes Additive Manufacturing Fluid Systems Engineering Education

Michael Zabala Michael Zabala
Assistant Professor

Office: 3434 Wiggins Hall
Phone: (334) 844-4916
Michael Zabala E-mail
Michael Zabala Website
Michael Zabala Resume
Biomechanics Orthotics Implants Prosthetics Advanced Dynamics Musculoskeletal Injury MRI Rehabilitation Athletic Performance Motion Capture