Advisory Council

The Biosystems Engineering Advisory Council is comprised of leaders from Alabama's agribusiness and forest product industry sectors, along with representatives from other private and public engineering and business industries.


To foster a high level of excellence in the Department of Biosystems Engineering by supporting the interaction between the department, stakeholders, and the engineering community at large; providing input on academic issues; supporting the promotion, development and expansion of the education programs and facilities in the department; recognizing significant achievements of alumni and supporters; and assisting in fund-raising activities.

Industry Members
  • Frank Corley.  Corley, Inc., Chapman, AL (forest engineering alum and long time collaborator on forest engineering research and education)  
  • Tony Ellard.  GSI Group (poultry technology industry employer and extension collaborator)  
  • Marc Ivey.  Bush Hog Corp., Selma, AL (forest engineering alum and long time collaborator on senior design)
  • Glenn Stephens. Vice President, Poly Engineering, Inc., Dothan, AL.  (agricultural engineering alum and employer of our graduates)  
  • Matt Dunn.  Assistant Director, City of Auburn Water Resource Management Department, Auburn, AL (biosystems engineering alum) 
  • Russell Roberson. Vice President – Quality Management, GE Healthcare, Racine, WI (agricultural engineering alum)
  • Pat Meggs.  GSI Group (poultry technology industry employer and extension collaborator)
  • Eric Phillips.  Manager, GSI Group(forest engineering alum and poultry industry employer and extension collaborator)  
  • Lori Montgomery, P.E. City of Durham, N.C. (water engineering)
  • Andrew Boutwell. Forest Investment Associates (forest engineering, geospatial, land management)
  • Mark Plyler. Progress Rail. (machine design)
  • Justin Barrett-Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood, Montgomery, AL
  • Steve Cobb-ADEM, Montgomery, AL (environmental management)
  • Steve Searcy-Texas A&M, Deptarment of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, (professor and head)
  • Sarah Nell Compton. Bureau of Land Management.(environmental engineering)
  • Roddy Sanders. Vice President Peco Farms.
  • K. Muthukumarappan. South Dakota State University.(food & process engineering, bioenergy)
  • Rachel Helm. Geosyntec Consultants.(water resources)
  • Hagen Kaylor. Southern Company. (energy)
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2018