Understanding Boundary Law - Case Law and Principles of Surveying Law

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Course Number: V05C _20

This course will review how to research a deed and the procedures of evidence used to locate boundary corners. Study federal laws regulating your surveys, and Alabama statutes pertaining to your surveys. Find out the location of important documents such as the original field notes and township plats. Preview principles as outlined in the BLM manuals that control how sections are divided, and the proper use of collateral evidence. Review case law in Alabama affecting surveying. Relate the accuracy of the original surveys to the retracement and deed calls.

This course is designed for those who practice surveying but also work in the civil engineering field, including county engineers, city engineers, public works officials, transportation engineers, DOT personnel, federal employees, contractors and consultants.

Mr. Milton E. Denny

Course Length: 6 Hours, ( 0. 6CEUs or 6PDHs or 6CPCs )

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