Understanding AS 9100D

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Process improvement and product quality are inherent in the work of most engineers, leaders and managers. Many times we are called upon to understand the quality management system and processes of our organization to help meet customer requirements. If you are in the Aviation, Space or Defense industries meeting the requirements of the AS 9100D standard is essential to your business. That’s where this course, “Understanding AS 9100D” can help you.

The requirements of the AS 9100D Aerospace Standard, quality management system requirements for aviation, space and defense organizations, are presented in “Understanding AS 9100D.” This course also emphasizes the key differences in the AS 9100C and AS 9100D requirements. Understanding AS 9100D is for anyone in engineering, technical, leadership or management positions who are involved with processes or products related to the aviation, aerospace or defense industries.  It can be especially beneficial to those who are responsible for quality, quality management and process improvement.

Understanding AS 9100D is an overview type course that will give participants a general understanding of the requirements of the standard and provide insights into applying the underlying principles of quality management to their business. The participants will also learn how the registration process works to help them in the journey towards an AS 9100D registered quality system. For those organizations already registered to AS 9100C, this course provides information essential for the transition to the latest revision of the standard.

The international quality management system standard, ISO 9001:2015, is the basis for an effective quality system for any business and is the standard upon which the AS 9100D is built. AS 9100D is recognized worldwide and provides businesses with a ‘road map’ for a quality system that can be tailored to their business. When the quality system is assessed and approved (registered) by an accredited third party, the market place has more confidence in the company as a supplier and it indicates a commitment to quality. In many cases, registration is required to be a supplier. It is easy to over-complicate meeting the AS 9100D requirements and this course is discusses common sense ways to meet the requirements.

The instructor for Understanding AS 9100D, Davis M. Woodruff, PE, CMC has over three decades of real world experience with clients on 3 continents and in 35 states. He uses a practical approach based on experience, research and education. He has been providing guidance and assistance to companies implementing ISO 9001 quality systems since the original standard was approved in 1987. He is a member of the U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG) 176 which assists in formulating the U.S. position to the International Organization for Standards (ISO) on the ISO 9000 family of standards.

The learning objectives are for participants to:

  1. Know what’s required for effective AS 9100D quality systems
  2. Understand the AS 9100D Standard & Requirements
  3. Know the documentation requirements for an AS9100D QMS
  4. Be able to identify ways to meet the requirements
  5. Know the benefits of effective quality systems

Course Instructor:

Course Length: 2 Hours, ( 0. 2CEUs or 2PDHs or 2CPCs )

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