The Smart Grid: A Primer

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Course Number: V15F_20


Smart Grid: A Primer presents the essence of an electrical power system from an engineering perspective, including the generation, transformation, transmission, and distribution of electrical energy. Some time is devoted to the historical evolution of the US power grid, as well as a review of basic technical concepts and analytical methods. The hardware of power systems is described and the fundamentals of system operation and control will be discussed.

Participants can expect to…

• acquire an informed perspective on the nature of the electrical grid and its evolution

• review the basic relevant technical concepts

• learn about the major hardware system components

• gain an understanding of the most important system problems


The Grid: Fundamentals

Power System Control

Dispersed Generation: Energy Storage

Intended audience:

The Smart Grid: A Primer

is intended for engineers, scientists, technicians, and managers with a non‐power background who wish to understand the fundamentals of power systems, with particular focus on the term "Smart Grid". The student should have some background in dc and ac circuit theory, as well as three-phase circuits. Whereas the course is not heavily analytical, it does include some science and

Dr. Charles A. Gross

Course Length: 3 Hours, ( 0. 3CEUs or 3PDHs or 3CPCs )

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