Ten Essentials: Common Sense Principles for Business

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Most engineers and technical personnel are tired of the “buzzword of the month,” faddish philosophies, academic approaches or unproven methods. This course is for the Engineer or Leader who wants to “make things happen” in their organization. It is “meat and potatoes” with practical, common-sense, proven approaches for becoming the low cost, high quality provider. It’s not sexy, ‘faddish,’ glitzy or glamorous; just proven and simple stuff that really works.

In this course we will take a journey through these ten proven business essentials that will guide you along the path to becoming a more effective leader and manager. These are timeless transferable principles that are applicable wherever people and processes interact to produce a product or service.

Ten Essentials of Business follows an orderly and logical progression from core principles and foundations to systems that must be implemented. It is based on the ten essential factors for success that the instructor has identified in work with hundreds of different organizations during the past three decades. Working questions  are included throughout to help you apply the concepts and principles.

Ten Essentials is for anyone, but especially for the Engineer or technical person who is in or who aspires to be in a position of leadership or management in an engineering firm, manufacturing company or other organization. Engineers and technical personnel (and others) are not usually hired or promoted knowing how to lead people and manage processes. This course shows what it takes to have a more successful business in  today’s fast-paced, lean-staffed, time pressured and information driven organization. The Ten Essentials will help Engineers and other technical personnel become more valuable to their organization and more marketable to others and provide tools to help you improve your business.

The instructor for Ten Essentials has over three decades of real world experience with clients on 3 continents and in 35 states. He developed these ten essentials and the business evaluation checklist while working with organizations worldwide. He brings you a practical approach based on experience, research and education. Since 1984 he has been providing guidance to organizations in a variety of industry and business arenas in 35 states and on 3 continents.

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