Temporary Traffic Control

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Course Number: V13M

Course Description

A need exists for road building contractors, project inspectors, and project engineers to be properly trained in temporary traffic control setups and have the ability to assess conditions throughout the entire project duration that assists with evaluation, identification, and assessment of existing hazards while also providing guidance for corrective measures. To fulfill this need, this training course in Temporary Traffic Control (TTC) will aid safety professionals, project inspectors, maintenance personnel, contractors, and employees in the field in the proper application of TTC practices and procedures.  The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) and relevant highway agency specifications and standard drawings are used by practitioners as references for guidance and recommendations on proper TTC procedures. The primary goal of this course is to acquaint personnel with the MUTCD for use in the field by practitioners, safety representatives, inspectors, and contractors to establish and maintain appropriate temporary traffic control measures. Part 6, Temporary Traffic Control in the 2009 edition of the MUTCD will be used in this course. This seminar should be of interest to state, city, and county employees, as well as contractors, their employees, safety representatives, and all those whose work involves street and highway operations.

Learning Objectives

The learning objectives are to: (1) cover the principles used in TTC and work zone safety, and explain the liability associated with improper application of TTC; (2) provide an understanding of the temporary traffic control zone process; (3) acquaint project personnel with the relevant provisions of the MUTCD and state highway agency documents; and (4) emphasize the FHWA requirements for traffic control procedures for work zones.

Course Instructor:
Rod Turochy
Dr. Wesley Zech

Course Length: 5 Hours, ( 0. 5CEUs or 5PDHs or 5CPCs )

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