Stormwater Infiltration Design with Pervious Concrete

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Course Number: V13C_20

This course is designed to familiarize Designers with pervious concrete (PC) as a stormwater best management practice through infiltration. Discussion will include PC mix design, design issues affecting PC pavement, including soils and stormwater infiltration, site hydrology, pavement sizing, siting & layout, site preparation, PC placement and post placement landscaping, monitoring, and long term care and maintenance.

In particular Piedmont soil types and infiltration rates are discussed. ASTM standard test for measuring infiltration rates through porous pavements is demonstrated. The historical evolution of pervious concrete paving and its many benefits are also covered. Some attention is given to good and bad installation practices.

Intended audience

This course will be of direct interest to those in the Civil Engineering, Landscape Architecture, and Urban Planning fields, including county engineers, city engineers, public works officials, transportation engineers, DOT personnel, consultants, and all those with responsibilities for stormwater design and control.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this video course the student shall:

  1. Understand the three major types and degree of pollution that are mitigated by pervious concrete infiltration systems.
  2. Understand how pervious concrete pavement systems are designed to infiltrate and manage stormwater.
  3. Understand research based water quality, volume and built upon area credit worthiness of pervious concrete pavement systems in Southern Piedmont soils.
  4.  Understand proper construction practices based on multiple years of researched case studies.
  5. Understand the importance and methods for maintaining proper infiltration through pervious concrete pavements.

Mr. Christopher Estes
Mr. Michael Hein

Course Length: 4 Hours, ( 0. 4CEUs or 4PDHs or 4CPCs )

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