State Plane Coordinates

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Course Number: V01D

Review of the Background: Development of the system, the State Plane Coordinate System of 1927, Design, Units of Length, The Clarke 1866 Ellipsoid, The GRS 80 Ellipsoid, NAD 83 Coordinates, State Plane Coordinate System of 1983. Map Projections: Fundamentals, Conformality, Lambert Conformal Projection, Transverse Mercator Projection, Oblique Mercator Projection, Scale Factor, Elevation Factor, Combined Factor, Convergence of the Meridian, Grid azimuth "t," Projected Geodetic Azimuth "T." Conversion from Latitude and Longitude to State Plane Coordinates, and the Reverse, State Zones, Software. Traversing in State Plane Coordinates, Numerical Examples. Surface Coordinates. Universal Transverse Mercator Projection (UTM). Definition, Scale Factors, Zone Dimensions and Definitions.

Course Instructor:
Dr. James P. Reilly

Course Length: 6 Hours, ( 0. 6CEUs or 6PDHs or 6CPCs )

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