Solar Power

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Course Number: V13B_20

Solar Power addresses how energy is produced on the sun, is transmitted to the earth, and is converted into electrical form. The design of a solar panel is covered, addressing the significant engineering issues.  The conversion and control issues associated with PV systems are also covered.   Successful participants can expect to understand…


            Properties of the sun

            nuclear fusion

            the photoelectric effect

            the p-n semiconductor junction as a solar cell

            Fill Factor

            Circuit models

            irradiance and insolation

            PV module ratings

            solar panel design and spatial orientation

            solar panel performance and operation


            power electronics

            power diodes, transistors

            dc-ac conversion: the inverter


            dc-dc conversion: the dc controller

            maximum power point tracking (MPPT)

            the US PV industry

            world-wide PV industry growth

Intended Audience: 

Solar Energy Basics is intended for engineers, scientists, technicians, and managers with a need to understand the fundamentals of solar energy photovoltaic systems.  It is also recommended to persons interested in designing their own residential PV system.

Dr. Charles A. Gross

Course Length: 3 Hours, ( 0. 3CEUs or 3PDHs or 3CPCs )

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