Shallow Foundations Design Part 2 Structural Design

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Course Number: V04J_20

Design of reinforced concrete spread footings is the focus of this course. Fundamental assumptions for determining the soil pressure distribution under footings are presented along with commonly used formulas. Structural design of footings to comply with Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete (ACI 318-02 and ACI 318-05) is addressed. Individual topics include: loads, load factors, load combinations, resistance factors, materials, flexure, shear, reinforcement details, development length, and embedment reinforcement. Brief comparisons are made to illustrate the primary differences between footing design by ACI 318-02 and the previous version ACI 318-99. Changes in course content due to the 2005 revisions to ACI 318 were minor and are addressed with a course revision sheet.

Dr. J. Michael Stallings

Course Length: 3 Hours, ( 0. 3CEUs or 3PDHs or 3CPCs )

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