Seismic Design: Part 1- Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering

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Course Number: V14B_20

Seismic Design Part 1 covers the basic knowledge necessary to understand structural dynamics and earthquake engineering in the context of structural design. The first portion of the course is a brief overview of structural dynamics which defines terms and general concepts to aid in understanding how structures respond to dynamic loads and why we design structures the way we do. The second component of the course is an overview of basic seismology and earthquakes. Material presented in this section includes why earthquakes happen, where they are likely to happen, what is meant by earthquake magnitude and what are the effects of earthquakes on infrastructure. The final two segments of the course describe the earthquake hazard in the United States and the basic premise for seismic design according to current codes. The overall goal of this course is to provide the background necessary to understand structural behavior under dynamic loads, earthquake hazard and effects, and the current prescriptive code requirements.

Course Objectives

  1. Develop a fundamental understanding of the response of structures to dynamic loads
  2. Develop a fundamental understanding of the terminology, mechanisms, causes and effects of earthquakes
  3. Be familiar with the seismic hazard across the United States
  4. Understand the basic premise of the current design methodology prescribed by U.S. codes

Dr. Justin D. Marshall

Course Length: 2 Hours, ( 0. 2CEUs or 2PDHs or 2CPCs )

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