Reversing Urban Hydrology: Pervious Concrete

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Course Number: V16E_20

This course introduces the student to stormwater infiltration design in typical clay soils of the Piedmont. The presenter describes proper assessment, design and construction of actual case studies.  The infiltration data from one of these case studies, which has been validated by years of academic monitoring and research, is then projected over its own broader watershed.

The presenter walks through the process of assessment utilizing actual methods and field data collected during the project design and construction.  The presenter then describes the comparison of the pre-design field data to the post construction monitoring results collected by both the presenter and the University research team.  Utilizing data from a commercial project with over 10 years of successful function, the presenter describes University research that models potential impacts of pervious concrete pavement on a watershed scale utilizing GIS and HydroCad computer software.

 Learning objectives:

  1. Understand site assessment protocols for infiltration BMP's.
  2. Understand typical ranges of infiltration rates in typical Piedmont clay soils.
  3. Understand a basic watershed retrofit modeling approach utilizing GIS and Hydrocad
  4. Understand potential hydrological effect of implementing pervious concrete on a watershed scale.

Mr. Christopher Estes

Course Length: 2 Hours, ( 0. 2CEUs or 2PDHs or 2CPCs )

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