Pavement Management Systems

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Course Number: V10N_20

The development and use of a pavement management system (PMS) is essential for owner/agencies to make wise use of available resources. A good PMS will help managers determine when rehabilitation and preventive maintenance work needs to be done in order to optimize overall highway system performance at the lowest cost. An inventory of all roads and their pavement condition index (based on a pavement condition survey) will enable managers to develop “what if” scenarios with different treatments in order to determine the alternative strategy that will result in the best cost-benefit ratio. The course will also review the type of data that needs to be collected and some of the types of equipment available for that purpose.


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This course is designed for pavement engineers and others involved in planning, managing and maintaining a pavement system for an owner/agency. The course will prove helpful for personnel responsible for budgeting resources and developing strategies to secure funding.  Those responsible for planning, programming, and maintenance activities will further benefit by identifying alternatives available for rehabilitation, determining the appropriate alternative, and determining the best timing for the selected strategy.

Dr. J. Richard Willis

Course Length: 1 Hours, ( 0. 1CEUs or 1PDHs or 1CPCs )

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