Managing Project Risks

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Engineers are typically involved in managing projects of some magnitude. Perhaps your project(s) involve things such as designing and installing a heat exchanger, re-paving a major thoroughfare, designing and installing a control system, or building a complex chemical plant.  Managing Project Risks is for anyone in technical, project management, leadership or general management positions; but can be especially beneficial to those who are responsible for projects, because all projects involve some level of risk(s) that must be identified and mitigated.

Effective project management involves identifying, quantifying, evaluating and acting on known or potential risks. Projects of any magnitude involve certain risk factors that must be addressed. Failing to identify and manage project risks is a sure way to fail, have cost over-runs or schedule delays.

Potential issues must be identified and action plans developed before the project begins and continues throughout all phases of the project execution.  Many times risk management is done without an organized process or approach, but rather is done through ‘what happened on the last project’ approach.

Applying sound engineering and management principles for managing project risks can help you ensure success with your next project. That’s exactly what you will have the opportunity to learn in Managing Project Risks.

Managing Project Risks is a practical course that uses experience and real world examples. It is intended to provide an understanding of managing project risks by looking into the common factors of project risks using a process approach and two examples. This class can provide the tools for you to use in planning your next project.

The instructor for Managing Project Risks has over three decades of real world experience with clients on 3 continents and in 35 states. He uses a practical approach based on ‘real world’ experiences.

The learning objectives are for participants to:

  1. Review the basic concepts of risk management
  2. Know principles and methods for managing project risks
  3. Be able to create a risk management plan for your next project
  4. Learn tools for managing project risks

**Does not meet the criteria for CE credit in New York State

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Course Length: 2 Hours, ( 0. 2CEUs or 2PDHs or 2CPCs )

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