Managing Change: A Process Model That Works

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“Our own times have undergone, without doubt, the greatest transformation in industrial methods that man has accomplished in any age.”   This is not a new thought, it is from Plant Management by Dexter Kimball, Dean of Engineering, Cornell University, 1919!

Change is a constant today and the reality is that businesses must embrace change or simply get left behind by the competition. Another reality is that engineers and managers are often called upon to identify and implement changes to improve processes, products or organizations. Many times changes are made without using a change process that works and result in opposition, unnecessary costs and chaos. Engineers and those in technical and leadership roles should be the change leaders. This course is for anyone in engineering, technical, leadership or management positions.  It can be especially beneficial to those who are responsible for process, product or organizational improvements.

Managing Change will provide the foundation for understanding the driving forces for change and how to use a process that works to implement change more effectively. Managing change as a process will enable an organization to grow, however many people in organizations resist change due to unfounded fears and artificial roadblocks. This course will help you overcome some of these as you define and implement changes.

Managing Change will give the participant insights into applying principles of managing change to their business. By knowing and understanding the driving forces for change, an engineer or other leader can more effectively identify needed changes in processes, products or organizations. Using a proven process model will enable one to identify, implement and sustain necessary changes with minimum upsets within the organization.

The instructor for Managing Change has over three decades of real world experience with clients on 3 continents and in 35 states. He uses a practical approach based on experience, research and education. As a professional speaker, certified management consultant, published author, and professional engineer, Davis Woodruff brings immediate benefits to businesses. Since 1984 he has been providing guidance to organizations implementing changes in a variety of industry and business arenas.

The learning objectives are for participants to:


  1. Know the realities of change
  2. Identify the roadblocks to change
  3. Understand the driving forces for change
  4. Know the differences in strategic & operational change
  5. Use a change process model to implement and sustain change

**Does not meet the criteria for CE credit in New York State

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Course Length: 1 Hours, ( 0. 1CEUs or 1PDHs or 1CPCs )

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