Hot Mix Asphalt Paving Construction Specifications and Quality Control and Quality Assurance

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Course Number: V10M_20

Construction Specifications and Quality Control/Quality Assurance for Hot Mix Asphalt Paving

 Quality may be defined as an acceptable level of a property or performance which meets, or exceeds, the customer’s expectations. However, there are many different variables that may be examined during the production, placement, and compaction of Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) in an effort to determine whether a quality pavement has been constructed.  This course will examine several methods owners/agencies have used to specify the criteria to be evaluated for determining the level of quality obtained. An exam is offered that will test the participant’s knowledge of key elements of specifying and conducting an effective QC/QA program for evaluating HMA mixtures.


 Upon completion of this training course, participants will be able to:


 This course is designed for owner/agency and contractor personnel who are involved in the sampling and testing of materials for verification of the QC/QA operation. In addition, owner/agency personnel such as project engineers, roadway inspectors, and testing technicians who participate in the determination of pay factor values for acceptance, and managers involved in the dispute resolution process will benefit from an understanding of the overall QC/QA process for HMA materials.

Dr. Michael A. Heitzman

Course Length: 3 Hours, ( 0. 3CEUs or 3PDHs or 3CPCs )

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