Geodesy for Engineers and Surveyors

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Course Number: V03A_20

This course is the logical follow-up to GPS and is of increasing importance to Land Surveyors. The history of Geodesy, the Earth and its motions, Precession and Nutation, Polar Motion, Gravity and the Geoid, Gravity Anomalies. Computations of the Ellipsoid, Datums and how the evolved, Geometry of the ellipsoid, Reduction of surface measurements onto the ellipsoid. Positioning: Coordinate systems, Astronomic, Geodetic, Relationship between Astronomic and Geodetic coordinates and azimuth. Time: Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), and UTI. Leveling: Vertical Datums. State Plane Coordinates, UTM Coordinates, Transforming coordinates from one datum to another.

Dr. James P. Reilly

Course Length: 6 Hours, ( 0. 6CEUs or 6PDHs or 6CPCs )

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