General Lighting Design - Part 2: Design, Fixtures, Flood Lighting

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Course Number: V05M_20

General Lighting Design addresses issues essential to the design of artificial illumination systems.

Part 2: Lighting design philosophy; Light sources and Fixtures; an outdoor design example; special applications.

It is strongly recommended that both parts be taken consecutively; however, in special cirumstances, students may purchase either part separately. For advice on this matter, consult either of the course instructors.

The course should be beneficial to Architects, Consulting Engineers, Plant Engineers, Technicians, Sales and Manufacturers Representatives, Contractors, and others who are concerned with the design, installation, operation, and/or maintenance of illumination systems.

Dr. Charles A. Gross
Mr. Joseph A. Holifield III

Course Length: 4 Hours, ( 0. 4CEUs or 4PDHs or 4CPCs )

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