Erosion and Sediment Control: Managing Runoff

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Course Number: V18N_20

Erosion and Sediment Control: Managing Runoff: this course/module provides an overview of the various aspects of site hydrology and various design principles to quantify stormwater runoff based upon site specific characteristics. Course participants will: (1) have the ability to understand modeling hydrologic principles and understand how it relates to erosion and sediment control applications; (2) attain an overview of hydrological analysis techniques and resources for required data and input; and (3) be able to apply various hydrological models to a construction site to determine runoff characteristics.

This is the fourth course/module in the series certificate: Design Fundamentals of Erosion & Sediment Control Measures for Construction Activities- 6 courses, 6 hours, .6 CEUs
Course/Module 1: Erosion and Sediment Control: Rules and Regulations, 1 hr, V18K
Course/Module 2: Erosion and Sediment Control: Erosion Control,1 hr, V18L
Course/Module 3: Erosion and Sediment Control: Sediment Control,1 hr, V18M
Course/Module 4: Erosion and Sediment Control: Managing Runoff, 1 hr, V18N
Course/Module 5: Erosion and Sediment Control: Soil Loss Modeling, 1 hr, V18P
Course/Module 6: Erosion and Sediment Control: Site Planning and Management, 1 hr, V18Q

This online series certificate is a comprehensive overview of the rules and regulations that govern construction projects regarding stormwater pollution prevention, the erosion and sediment processes, design of control practices, and technology applications for the construction industry. This series is intended for participants generally familiar with erosion and sediment control concepts who want to increase their knowledge level within the construction industry to advance their professional careers. Six courses/modules make up the entire series, which include review questions at the conclusion of each module intended to reinforce presented material.
The learning objectives for this online series certificate are to:
1. gain an understanding of federal erosion and sediment control regulations and how they apply to state and local municipalities that establish expectations of site operators in the erosion and sediment control industry;
2. provide a review of typical erosion and sediment control practices and learn effective site planning, installation, and inspection strategies;
3. attain an overview of hydrological analysis and soil loss models; and
4. learn site assessment strategies for developing stormwater pollution prevention plans (SWPPPs).
Participants of this series of courses are expected to obtain an in-depth overview of erosion and sediment control regulations and design applications.
These courses may be taken individually. In order to receive the series certificate all courses must be taken within two years from the date of purchase of the first course. Individual course CEUs are issued upon course completion.

Instructors: Drs. Wesley Zech, Wesley Donald, and Michael Perez

Course Length: 1 Hours, ( 0. 1CEUs or 1PDHs or 1CPCs )

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