Contract Administration: Change Order Basics

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Course Number: V03H

Construction projects seldom, if ever, go exactly as planned. The weather turns unexpectedly poor during construction. The wall color is not to the owner's liking and needs to be changed. New technology must be incorporated into the facility during construction. A recently rediscovered cemetery will require rerouting of the planned sewer line. Unforeseen site conditions must be accommodated in constructing the foundation. Plan dimensions don't add up correctly or a structural detail was mistakenly omitted from the final drawings. These few examples are only intended to illustrate the unlimited number of similar "unplanned" occurrences that form the basis for contract changes and its accompanying revisions to scope, time, and cost.

This course covers the basics of this challenging aspect of administering construction contracts: the change order. It is designed to show a balanced approach to the change order process and, as such, can benefit you whether you are an owner's representative, designer, or contractor. The focus will be on an unbiased presentation of the process and presentation of generally accepted techniques to use in arriving at a fair and reasonable settlement of time and costs. The development of the material assumes no prior in-depth knowledge in this area. Be sure to have your calculators available to help with problems used to illustrate the methods introduced during the seminar.

**Does not meet the criteria for CE credit in New York State

Course Instructor:
Dr. Larry Crowley

Course Length: 5 Hours, ( 0. 5CEUs or 5PDHs or 5CPCs )

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