Asphalt Pavement Preservation & Rehabilitation

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Course Number: V00B_20

The objective of this course is to assist an engineer in the development of the most reliable and cost-effective rehabilitation alternatives for asphalt pavements. The abilities of the engineer required to preserve the existing pavement system are much different than those required to originally design the system. They need to have an understanding of what caused the distress they are seeing and what steps can be taken to correct them. The course is broken into two units: pavement management concepts and pavement rehabilitation procedures. The first unit will address pavement management concepts at the project level which will include an overview of pavement management, pavement structural and condition assessment, distress mechanisms for Hot Mix Asphalt and project evaluation. The second unit provides information on pavement rehabilitation through pavement maintenance techniques, surface rehabilitation procedures, recycling of asphalt pavements, and asphalt overlays.

Mr. Douglas I. Hanson

Course Length: 5 Hours, ( 0. 5CEUs or 5PDHs or 5CPCs )

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